Best Vegetarian Meals in Beloit (that aren’t salads!)

(left to right) Lucy’s #7 Veggie-licious Burger; Zen’s Bibimbap Bowl with Tofu; Merrill & Houston’s Wild Mushroom Ravioli; Assortment of Zen’s Veggie Sushi Rolls

Eating out as a Vegetarian can be limited in most towns. You browse the menu, but you know you’re going to end up ordering a side salad, some fries, and eat a lot of the free table bread. If you’re vegan, enjoy your water. However, Beloit, in all its urban flair has tons of options for Vegetarians and Vegans! Below is a break-down of some of the best Veg meals you’ll enjoy in Beloit.


There are a lot of amazing burger options in Beloit, and vegetarians are not left out of this American classic. The first outstanding example is at Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar. The “Veggie-licous” is a roasted vegetable and black bean burger stuffed with pepper jack cheese and topped with sautéed julienne vegetables and chipotle aioli. Get it with their home-made pub chips or sweet potato fries. Another fantastic veggie burger in town is Bushel and Peck’s Black Bean Burger. It’s modestly described as a homemade vegetarian burger featuring black bean, carrot, celery & onion served on challah bun. B&P offers amazing veggie side options like sautéed kale or the most amazing cheese curds (This is WI after all!)


Beloit has an array of ethic food choices for vegetarians. Zen Sushi has tons of options, including a Bibimbap Bowl (ask for tofu instead of beef) and a Tofu Teriyaki Bento Box.

The Mexican food in Beloit is for real. Vegetarians can find a delicious fajita almost anywhere in the city, but we recommend Fresco Fajita House downtown.

Pizza may seem like a simple food choice for vegetarians, but finding a unique veggie pizza can be tough. Domenico’s Sicilian pizza is what you’ve been looking for! It’s a thin crust pizza with olive oil, Roma tomatoes, garlic, fresh basil, black pepper, oregano and Romano and mozzarella cheeses. A non-vegetarian introduced me to this pizza. It’s that good.

Fine Dining

Looking to get fancy? You may typically avoid restaurants with “steak and seafood” in the name, but be sure to make a reservation at Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint to try the Wild Mushroom Ravioli, described as stuffed pillows with asparagus and tomatoes sautéed in a basil and garlic butter sauce. Your meat-eating friends will be totally jealous. Another amazing restaurant in Beloit is Clara Bo. Their best vegetarian dish is the Sweet Potato Cannellini, ratatouille wrapped in thin slices of sweet potato atop a bed of wilted spinach and roasted red pepper Pomodoro. You can also go downstairs to their ultra-chic Gatsby Wine Bar and enjoy Brie, Apple, Fig, and Exotic Mushroom and Goat Cheese bruschetta.


Hey vegans, Beloit has love for you too! Bagels & More Local Cafe has a delicious house-made black bean burger that comes with a multi-grain roll, avocado, choice of veggies and a side of salsa. Bagels and More often offers a vegan soup in their daily specials as well. Okay, so I know I said no salads, but Bushel and Peck’s Power Salad is an exception. It has organic mixed greens, seasonal veggies, avocado, garbanzo beans and hummus and is served with homemade balsamic vinaigrette. Finally, Vegans can even have sushi! Zen Sushi has avocado, asparagus, shitake mushroom, and mixed vegetable rolls.

Hungry yet? Visit Beloit and discover even more delicious Vegetarian food!


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