Request for Proposals

Request for Proposal

Visit Beloit Strategic Planning

Issue Date: 6/19/2018
Proposal Due Date: 7/6/2018

Visit Beloit
c/o Celestino Ruffini
25 Eclipse Center
Beloit, WI 53511
Phone: 608.313.1361
Fax: 608.365.6850

Visit Beloit, the destination marketing organization for Beloit, Wisconsin, is soliciting proposals from individuals or businesses to conduct a strategic planning session. This Request for Proposal (RFP) contains background information on Visit Beloit and specific information that must be included in the proposal submitted.

Click here for the Visit Beloit Strategic Planning RFP.

Questions & Answers:

1. How have you gathered information from your community previously? Our last visitor profile study was completed in 2016 and we went through the DestinationNEXT assessment in 2017.
2. When was the last time you engaged in a Strategic Planning process (if any) and are those results available? A brief plan in 2014 was completed, but the last full plan was prior to that in 2011.
3. In what way, if at all, does the Visit Beloit Strategic Planning process align with the City of Beloit’s Strategic Planning process? There would be some alignment, but would be a totally different result.
4. In what ways do you currently track usage on your Visit Beloit website? Primarily through Google Analytics.
5. How many active bloggers do you have on your “Be in it” site? And, what has been the growth rate for this site? That site is no longer utilized.
6. You have several engaging strategies to support local businesses including Shell-B, the Crewser, Event Gift Baskets, and Group Discount Books. In what ways have you been tracking the effectiveness of these and/or their impact on tourism? The mobile welcome center has the strongest set of metrics that we monitor. Shell-B and event gift baskets are not measured.
7. What is the extent of your current e-newsletter list in terms of: 1) # of members; 2) member locations; and 3) frequency of distribution? The data would be available to the chosen vendor.
8. In what activities has the revamped Beloit RockStars mobile center engaged this year and what are upcoming plans? The major switch has been that the mobile welcome center is outside of our community 75% of the time. The schedule is set until September.


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