Featured Restaurant: Clara Bo & Gatsby Wine Bar

Clara Bo and Gatsby Wine Bar

If you are looking for romantic restaurants in Beloit, look no further than Clara Bo and Gatsby Wine Bar! Clara Bo & Gatsby Wine Bar is one of the most romantic restaurants in Beloit. Jazz music, cozy alcoves, and outstanding food and service, make Clara Bo the perfect spot for a special date or anniversary! […]

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Best Bloody Marys Around

clara bo bloody mary

Beloit is booming with fantastic restaurants and bars that serve an amazing Bloody Mary. Enjoy our top five list before exploring the Beloit area and discovering your favorite! Clara Bo & Gatsby Wine Bar Clara Bo’s specials on Sundays are hard to beat. The Bloody Mary comes with three delectable shrimp, a pickle, olive, and […]

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Instagram-Worthy Restaurants

Tipsy Shakes at Lucy's #7 Burger Bar

Dining in Beloit is Instagram-Worthy—Get Your Phone Ready! Dining in Beloit, especially downtown, has become very popular for locals and visitors alike. Whether you are craving a Wisconsin Supper Club experience with a famous “Old Fashioned,” a Wisconsin Friday fish fry, a night out with friends for a craft brew at a local hot spot, […]

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American Diner Experiences

Mr. B's Gourmet Coffee & Snack Shop

Diners in Beloit are unique, and kitchy, and anything but boring. Most are old and rich with history and filled with interesting characters and décor! Beloit is most often recognized and admired for its Farmers’ Market, outstanding hotels, and historic downtown. However, there are other gems that deserve to be explored, experienced, and savored like […]

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Authentic Farm-to-Table

Goat at Double B Farm

Get Back to Basics and Experience Authentic Farm-to-Table Dining in Beloit, Wisconsin! There are many Farm-to-Table dining options in Beloit Wisconsin. Who doesn’t enjoy a delicious, homemade-style meal prepared with fresh and nutritious ingredients? Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or brunch (or even a vegetarian meal), Beloit’s eateries offer various Farm-to-Fork options guaranteed to make […]

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Best Mexican Restaurants

Little Mexico Beloit Wisconsin

Beloit is an eclectic city full of diversity bursting with art, culture, flavor, and Authentic Mexican Restaurants! Mexican restaurants in Beloit are easy to fine, as the city has a robust Hispanic population. Here is the top 10 list alongside staff favorites. Beloit is also home to several ethnic food trucks! Espanol Super Tacos y […]

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For Winery & Brewery Lovers

DC Estate Winery

There are many reasons to visit Beloit. For instance, there is a beautiful winery just outside of Beloit and two breweries in Beloit that make excellent craft beers. DC Estate Winery & Vineyard 8877 Stateline Road South Beloit, IL 61080 608-481-1565 Visit Website DC Estate Winery is nestled in the lightly rolling countryside of South […]

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Best Vegetarian Restaurants

Gourment stuffed burger at Lucy's #7 Burger Bar

Take a Look at Some of the Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Beloit, Wisconsin! Eating out as a Vegetarian can be limited in most towns. You browse the menu, but you know you’re going to end up ordering a side salad, some fries, and eat a lot of the free table bread. If you’re vegan, enjoy […]

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