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Town of Beloit Waterway Clean Up

Sep 17, 2022

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Preservation Park
3344 RIverside Dr
Beloit WI


Grand Avenue Pub(608) 312-2363

Event Website

On Saturday, September 17, residents of the Town of Beloit, WI (a member of the Rock River Stormwater Group) are encouraged to take an active role to help better their community by joining the annual clean-up of the Rock River. This event is part of the Protect Wisconsin Waterways campaign to spread awareness of what individuals can do to help protect their local lakes and rivers.

Protect Wisconsin Waterways has run this event since 2016, and each year the total effort can remove over fifty bags of trash and litter from and around our lakes and rivers. Objects as small as cans, bottles, and wrappers, as well as large tires, traffic cones, and PVC pipes, have been removed from our local waterways. Our waterways are home not only to a bounty of wildlife, but are also the place where we fish, boat, kayak, and swim. Maintaining our waterways makes the area around us an even more enjoyable place for everyone.
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