Participate in Beloit 608 Day

Beloit 608 Day

This event plays off our area code (608) and is brought to you by Beloit Community Partners to showcase the people, places, and things that make Beloit great with fun experiences, events, and specials throughout the city.

Beloit 608 Day invites local businesses, agencies, non-profits, and private and public sectors to join in the celebration by offering Beloit 608 Day themed specials, discounts, and events across the city and surrounding communities. It’s a play on our area code and is being designed as an annual event. Participants are encouraged to offer specials or events that have a 608 twist. There is no charge to participate.

Beloit 608 Day Promotion

Visit Beloit will post Beloit 608 Day offerings on the Beloit 608 Day Facebook Event and Visit Beloit 608 Day Landing Page on the Visit Beloit Website. Submissions may be included in various promotional media.

For questions, contact Tracy Bliss at

Submit Your Specials/Events

608 Day Events and Deals can be submitted anytime now through June 7th. Please submit as soon as possible to give your business more time to be promoted!

Check back later for a link to all the Deals & Events!
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