Beloit RockStars

Visit Beloit RockStars

The Beloit RockStars is Visit Beloit’s promotional team. They are made up of four college students and had their 2019 debut in the Beloit Memorial Day Parade.

The Beloit RockStars promote the Beloit region outside of the Stateline area. They will have fun giveways, photo booth with props, and offer a chance to win a Beloit Getaway at several events around Wisconsin and Illinois.

Beloit RockStars

Here’s the upcoming tour schedule for the Beloit RockStars for the Summer:

  • June 8th: Beloit Farmers Market
    • Award-winning market with 100 vendors! Rain or shine.
  • June 8th: I90 Welcome Center Appearance
    • RockStars will be at the I90 Welcome Center from 2:30pm-5:30pm!
  • June 12th: Beloit Summer Food Service Kickoff Event
    • Come out and support the kickoff for the Beloit Summer Food Service Event!
  • June 14th: Kane County Cougars
    • Join for a night full of baseball from the Single-A affiliates of the Arizona Diamondbacks and the coolest cats in the Chicagoland area.
  • June 20th: DeKalb Farmers’ Market
    • Features locally grown fresh produce, flowers, bread, baked goods, honey, olive oil, coffee, food trucks and more!
  • June 22nd: Beloit Snappers
    • Watch the Snappers take on the Quad Cities River Bandits on Saturday night.
  • June 23rd: Shopiere Days
    • Shopiere Days is the Town of Turtle’s annual event celebrating Independence day, held in June the weekend after Father’s Day.
  • July 3rd: Beloit Snappers
    • Watch the Single A affiliate of the Oakland A’s, take on the Clinton LumberKings at 6:30pm.
  • July 6th: Beloit Farmers’ Market
    • Award-winning market with 100 vendors! Rain or shine.
  • July 12th: I90 Welcome Center
    • Come out and talk to the RockStars at the I90 Welcome Center!
  • July 27th: I90 Welcome Center
    • Come out and talk to the RockStars at the I90 Welcome Center!
  • August 2nd: Street Dance
    • The largest fundraiser of the year is back to support revitalization efforts in Beloit’s historic downtown district. Local businesses stay open late and there will be food on site. Grab your dancing shoes!
  • August 4th: Tallman Arts Festival
    • Tallman Arts Festival is the Rock County Historical Society’s largest fundraiser. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Art with Heart, in addition to supporting the programs and historical buildings at the Rock County Historical Society.
  • August 9th: I90 Welcome Center
    • Come out and talk to the RockStars at the I90 Welcome Center!
  • August 10th: US Kubb Open
    • Either watch or participate in the 2019 US Kubb Open at Riverside Park in Beloit!

Meet the RockStars!

Salma Ali

  • Salma is a junior studying economics and mathematics at Beloit College. Her favorite part about Beloit is how friendly the community is. She is able to meet wonderful people on a daily basis, which have made her feel so welcome and included in Beloit’s community. Salma wanted to work for Visit Beloit, because she thought it would be an excellent way to show others what Beloit has to offer for the community. She admires the city’s resilience and commitment towards innovative development. She also thinks that Beloit’s booming businesses, diverse cuisine and the amount of entertainment options for all ages, makes it a perfect tourist destination.

Gabby Mathson

  • Gabby is a senior studying communications with an emphasis in public relations and a minor in sport management at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. When you ask her what her favorite part about Beloit is, she would say all the different food options. She likes how the restaurants in Beloit offer plenty of options that give your taste buds a different experience, no matter where you end up eating. Gabby wanted to work for Visit Beloit, because she admires how supportive all the businesses are towards each other and how welcoming the community is.

Chad Kauffman

  • Chad is a senior studying marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Talking to Chad about what his favorite part about Beloit was, he said it is how many food options the City of Beloit has to offer. No matter what he may be craving, he know he can visit Beloit and find a restaurant to satisfy whatever his craving may be. And like Gabby, he also admires how welcoming the community is and is enjoying his time working at Visit Beloit.

Qudsia Khalid

  • Qudsia is a junior studying psychology and education at Beloit College. Her favorite part about Beloit- which is a recurrence amongst the other interns- is the strong and supportive community not only on Beloit College’s campus, but also within the city as a whole! She also likes all the options that make for unique shopping experiences and the fancy restaurants that are in Beloit. Qudsia wanted to work for Visit Beloit, because she wanted to participate in spreading the word about all the great things the city has to offer. More specifically, Qudsia wanted to help spread the word about the diverse community, the variety of cuisines from different countries and the amazing entertainment opportunities around the Beloit area. Beloit has given Qudsia so much since she came here and she wanted to have the chance to return the favor back.