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Off Kilter Brewery

Off Kilter Brewery is located in South Beloit and was established in 2015. They pride themselves on offering quality hand crafted beer–brewing the finest styles not found in commercial breweries, rather the same quality beers our forefathers brewed and enjoyed.

They brew 5 beers each in its own domain of excellence.

Shwideman – Served cold it is crisp and refreshing, great to sit down and watch a game or enjoy after a hot day in the sun. This beer sold year around is a classic for any traditionalist!

One Eyed Jack – This is an easy drinking, straw colored ale with a rich white head that clings to the glass down to the final drop.

O-Do-Ya – This is a spring/summer seasonal. Not your traditional Belgian-Style Wit. Brewed with the key ingredient of any “true Belgian”, imagination!  Our special hops provide a warm citrus aroma and notable finish.

Oktoberfest – This is the fall classic that made Bavaria famous. Their Oktoberfest is brewed in the original tradition of Bavaria, celebrating the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachen-Hildurghasen.

Bella Brown – This beer is their winter seasonal named after their ever-so-faithful Great Dane who they lost much too soon. A portion of the profits of every Bella Brown sold is donated to the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue, a volunteer origination dedicated to finding new homes for displaced Great Danes.

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