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Beloit, Wisconsin: Fun Battling Big, Bad Zombies and More!

April 23, 2019 by Terri Marshall who visited Beloit, Wisconsin in 2018

Badgers are described as “ferocious fighters with an attitude that should not be bothered.” I mention this because Vanessa and I recently spent a few days in Wisconsin—the badger state. Coincidence? I think not. Although we are generally harmless—when left alone—there are times when our tendency to be ferocious fighters comes in handy. One such time was during our visit to Beloit.

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Cocktails at truk’t – The only way to start a visit!

It All Began with Cocktails, of course!

The trip started off in excellent fashion with cocktails at truk’t—one of Beloit’s newest trendy and delicious hot spots. Our host and friend, Stacey, was eager to introduce us to truk’t’s margaritas, and who are we to argue when cocktails are involved?

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