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Complete a trail and see the city

The Beloit & Beyond trails are the perfect way to experience our bars, restaurants, cafes, and outdoor public art while exploring the city. Get a passport, follow the instructions and win prizes!

Outdoor art trail

Since Beloit’s founding in 1836, the city has seen nearly 190 years of American history unfold. From innovation to education and so much more, artists have created memorable history for community members and visitors to enjoy. O.V. Shaffer along with many other Midwestern and local Beloit artists have contributed to the beauty that encompasses the history of Beloit in areas along the Rock River, downtown, the Beloit College Campus, and more. Take this self-guided digital tour to unlock the details of Beloit’s unique history! Complete 10 stops to receive an exclusive Beloit & Beyond Outdoor Art Trail sticker.

"The Workers" outdoor art sculpture in Beloit, WI.

Café Trail in Beloit & Beyond

The Beloit & Beyond Café Trail is the perfect way to have fun while out and about. And, you will receive a specialty mug! Don’t worry about drinking five beverages back to back — unless you want to — we won’t judge!

Craft Beer Trail

The Craft Beer Trail in Beloit and beyond is a fun way to experience great craft beers at local pubs and breweries in the Beloit area if you are going to be visiting for a few days.

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The Stateline area has a rich Hispanic population which is made evident through all the family-owned establishments on the Beloit & Beyond Taco Trail. “Check-In” and make any food purchase at 10 or more stops to receive an exclusive Beloit & Beyond Taco Trail sticker.

Beloit Official Visitor Guide

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