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Beloit is an Eclectic City

Written by Howard Blount of Backroad Planet in March, 2018. Updated July 31, 2023.

Beloit, Wisconsin, was the second destination on my first-ever Midwest road trip. For this fly-drive loop, I flew into Chicago, rented a car, and set off to find fun in Rockford, Illinois. The final destination on my road journey would be Janesville, Wisconsin, just 13 miles north of Beloit.

Situated at the intersection of the Rock River and the Wisconsin – Illinois state line, Beloit prides itself as the Gateway to Wisconsin.

But it didn’t take long for me to learn this diverse city is so much more than that!

Before Beloit came into existence, various Native American nations, including the Mound Builders and Winnebago, called this region of North America home. French trappers and fur traders traversed the landscape, and by 1836, emigrants from New Hampshire settled at this location along the river.

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