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The Best Gluten-Free Options in Beloit, Wisconsin

There are dozens of wonderful gluten-free options in Beloit, Wisconsin. Restaurants have become well aware of patrons requiring gluten-free options. Below is list of some of Beloit’s best stops for delectable, gluten-free options! Always be sure to notify a manager so they can ensure they are taking care of you adequately. Bon Appetite!

Beverages & Sweets

Blue Collar Coffee Co. has gluten-free sweets

Blue Collar Coffee Co.
408 Pleasant St., Beloit
Blue Collar Coffee Co offers pre-packaged gluten-free muffins and brownies, as well as fresh fruit and yogurt.

113 E. Main St., Rockton, IL
Fortunately, most Dairyhäus home-made ice creams are gluten free! Only when they include items that have gluten, like cookies and pie crust, does the ice cream contain gluten. They train their staff to discuss allergies and other food sensitivities so guests can make well-informed dietary choices.  Last year, they added homemade dairy-free ice cream to the menu—it’s made with coconut milk!

Gluten-Free Options in Beloit at Flying Pig

Flying Pig
431 E. Grand Ave.
Get some yummy, gluten-free treats at Flying Pig like their hand-dipped ice cream, smoothing, many flavors of their bubble tea, smoothies, and most of their shakes. In addition, you can indulge in popcorn, shaved ice, many of their candies, and chocolate covered nuts!

Food Trucks

Autentica Smoothie & Juice Bar
Autentica provides dairy-free, no dye fresh fruit smoothies. They make Elisia’s Mexican Ice which are made with fresh fruit and non-dairy.  In addition, they make fresh squeezed orange juice, carrot juice, and lemonade. They sell by glasses, quarts and 1/2 gallons. They open the first week of May and run till the last week in Sept.

autentica has gluten-free options

The Olive Branch
The Olive Branch likes to tell everyone that everything is made custom to order, so any variations on every menu item can be done for anyone with any dietary restrictions. The big favorite for anyone that has a gluten allergy tends to be the rice bowl with either pork or chicken—the entire dish is gluten-free sans the pita. Other gluten-free customers love the Greek salad as well as the pork and chicken souvlaki. Their full menu posted on their Facebook page.


Lucy’s #7 Burger Bar
430 E. Grand Ave., Beloit
Lucy’s serves gluten-free buns and their veggie burger is made with rice flour making it gluten-free as well. In addition, some of their burgers can be made gluten-free upon request.


gluten-free options in beloit at domenicos
Gluten-Free Pizza at Domenicos

547 E. Grand Ave., Beloit
Domenicos offers a 10″ size gluten free pizza crust, as well as gluten free pasta that may be substituted in many of our pasta entrees.  We also have several other items like Oven Roasted Salmon, Baked Atlantic Cod, Ribeye Steaks, Salads, Pork Ribs, Baked Chicken and a variety of other menu options for gluten free patrons to enjoy, some of which are also featured on the buffet at times.


truk't tacos has gluten-free options
House-Made Tortillas at truk’t

truk’t Street Tacos, Tequila and Whiskey
443 E. Grand Ave., Beloit
The menu at truk’t is heaven for the gluten-free diner. The only current menu item with gluten is their Chocolate Ice Cream tacos (fried flour tortillas). Between charred brussels sprouts, their Peking duck taco and the queso fundido, there are plenty of options for you to enjoy.

La Casa Grande
618 Fourth St., Beloit
La Casa offers a wide selection of gluten free meals. In fact, Mexican cuisine is very friendly to guests with gluten allergies. Many of their dishes feature corn tortilla shells—these may also be requested as a substitute to flour tortillas for tacos. They also offer various seafood entrees, salads, and chicken and steaks such as Pollo ala Mexicana or authentic sizzling steak fajitas.

2777 Milwaukee Rd., Beloit
Qdoba offers a wide variety of gluten-free options. Guests craft their own entrees so this leaves them with many options including burrito bowls, salads, and loaded tortilla soup (without the corn tortilla strips). If guests are cool with the corn taco shells and tortilla chips, they can also enjoy tacos and nachos! In addition, guests can let the staff know that they want to avoid gluten and they will guide them through their available options.

Fine Dining

Merrill & Houston's Steak gluten-free steakJoint

Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint
500 Pleasant St., Beloit
Merrill & Houston’s has a large variety of gluten-free options starting with their salad dressings. Italian Vinaigrette, Thousand Island, and French are all gluten-free. Their steaks, ribs, salmon, tuna, and lobster, sautéed calamari are all great choices. You can also order the pork filet with no sauce, chicken vesuvio and veal marsala seared with no breading/flour. Other options include: duck with no sauce, shrimp scampi with no pasta, and eggplant parmesan with no breading and the stuffed portabella (when available).

velvet buffalo gluten-free

Velvet Buffalo
500 Public Ave., Beloit
The only items Velvet Buffalo chefs are not able to modify to accommodate a gluten restriction would be their pizza and pasta; the rest of the menu either is or can be gluten-free!

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