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Beloit, WI is a hidden gem just an hour drive away from Milwaukee. With its charming downtown, local microbreweries, and stunning riverfront parks, it’s the perfect day trip for Milwaukee residents or those visiting Milwaukee seeking new adventures outside of the city.

In 2020, Beloit was named one of the “50 Best Places to Travel to in Wisconsin” by Travel + Leisure magazine. Visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking or exploring local hiking trails. For art enthusiasts, Beloit offers a vibrant arts scene with contemporary galleries and museums. We invite you to discover the charm of Beloit!


Explore Beloit’s foodie scene, from legendary supper clubs to popular farmers’ markets and every cuisine in between.

Beloit WI Food scene
Live Music Beloit WI


Beloit’s live entertainment scene has it all: nightlife, dancing, festivals, concerts, and more.


Beloit’s vibrant art scene is a feast for the eyes, on display in public spaces, museums and art galleries, and on stages.

Arts in Beloit
Kayaking in Beloit Wi


Beloit has as much adventure as you need and the relaxation you crave all in one wonderful place.


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Explore the many places to go in Beloit, WI.


Discover all the places you can explore outside in Beloit.


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Family Fun

Grab the kids and have some fun in Beloit!


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Beloit Stories

The Butterfly Club

The Butterfly Club

In 1990, brothers Mike and Hektor Sala fled communist Albania. Once in the United States the brothers owned restaurants in Freeport, IL and Brodhead, WI, but the purchase of The Butterfly Club in 1999 is where their story in Beloit of fulfilling their dream begins.

Nature At The Confluence

Nature At The Confluence

Located on nearly 100 acres surrounded by the Rock River, Turtle Creek, and Kelly Creek, you can discover nature where Beloit, WI and South Beloit, IL meet at Nature At The Confluence. Sitting at the halfway point on the Rock River Trail, the campus offers a five-acre prairie restoration, trails, learning gardens, pollinator gardens, and programs that are held throughout the year for all ages and interests.

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