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Over drinks one evening with our friends and travel buddies, Jon and Lia, we were discussing where to spend our next long weekend together. My hubby, Chris, had pulled out an old-fashioned paper map, drawing a max two-hour-drive circle around our home base of Chicago.

Lia pointed to a dot on the map, “how about Beloit, Wisconsin?”

Apparently, a friend of Lia’s had visited Beloit not long ago and sung its praises. She’d described the city as having a surprising mix of history and urban energy.

“Let’s give it a go!” I said.

A couple of weekends later we entered the eclectic city of Beloit, sitting along the banks of the Rock River, just north of the Illinois/Wisconsin border. We stopped to check in at Hotel Goodwin. The chic, boutique hotel was renovated from its original 1923 structure, offering a distinctive blend of area history and modern luxury. Depositing our luggage in our spacious room, Chris and I were delighted to find edgy artwork on the walls and a Bluetooth-enabled turntable with a selection of records for us to choose from.

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