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Traveling by Fork

Beloit, Wisconsin draws foodies traveling from throughout the Midwest to discover delightful dishes and electrifying eateries. But for Tami and Lloyd Marks, the vibrant dining scene isn’t a distant exploration as they have the complete dining scene right in their backyard.

Both residents of Beloit their entire lives, the Marks’ have reveled in Beloit’s culinary diversity since their earliest childhood memories. Their storyline for not only food, but also love, goes back to when they met through mutual friends in 1972.

Since then, Beloit has transformed and become a captivating culinary haven with plentiful dining options. Tami notes, “Beloit is amazing now with the food that you can get just walking through downtown Beloit.” She says, “Beloit is a great place if you like all types of foods. Italian, Mexican, steaks, burgers, great coffee shops; we have it all.”

Beloit is home to endless restaurant options, and you would have thought wrong if you think that Tami and Lloyd have not tried most of them! Some of their favorites include Merrill & Houston’s Steak Joint, The Rooftop at Hotel Goodwin, and The Butterfly Club, amongst many others. However, their culinary adventures are not limited to Beloit alone.

Tami and Lloyd take time mapping out where their next dining stop will be. In fact, Tami explains, “Years ago, Lloyd and I started following Ron Faiola, and we have all of his Wisconsin Supper Club books.” She says, “We normally choose what part of Wisconsin we want to go to, then pick out two or three Supper Clubs to hit over a long weekend.” During their travel by fork getaways, they take the books with them, have them signed by the owner, and hear the stories and history of what makes the establishment a true Wisconsin Supper Club. It was a memorable experience for the couple when they were up north a few years ago and met a chef who attended culinary school with the late celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain.

Active members of the Wisconsin Supper Club Enthusiasts group on Facebook since 2021, the Marks’ proudly carry the group’s iconic cone (pictured below) to place on the bar during their Supper Club expeditions, earning them an occasional complimentary drink or dessert. Their tally stands at an impressive 83 Supper Clubs and counting, some of which they have made multiple trips to.

Although they both love traveling to new restaurants outside of Beloit, they always find themselves bragging to new people they meet along the way about the choices we have in Beloit. They applaud the giant size of the grasshoppers at Benedetti’s Supper Club, the famous Friday fish fry at The Butterfly Club, and the mouthwatering steaks at The 615 Club, ensuring that Beloit’s enchanting dining scene shines brightly wherever they roam.

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