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Educating residents, visitors, and stakeholders to better understand the programming and funding of Visit Beloit.

Visit Beloit, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)(6) organization. We have been in existence since 1987 working directly with the city of Beloit as their official tourism entity. Since then, our organization has grown, both in capacity and purpose, to serve the entire Stateline region.

Additionally, we operate the Beloit Convention & Visitors Bureau Charitable Foundation, Inc., a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, in order to manage destination development projects that build a stronger community for our residents, as well as visitors.

Our organization seeks to deliver inspiration and market to people that are thinking of traveling in the Midwest. The majority of our funding is provided by room tax collections which are collected from individuals staying in our local lodging properties. This information is provided because we are fully transparent with how we are funded, how we allocate these funds, our operations, and the results that we seek to achieve.

By promoting the tourism industry locally, we are helping put people to work, as well as making this region a fabulous place to live. We consider our work an investment into our community and our residents. As stated before, our work is almost funded exclusively by those who visit our city and not by the people that live here. We continue to thank everyone, but especially our local, state, and nationally elected officials for their never-ending support of our industry.


Visit Beloit is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment. We embrace the identities and backgrounds of those who live, work, learn, and visit in the greater Beloit region.


We are Greater Beloit’s tourism champion using our expertise to generate positive economic impact and to create a vibrant community for residents and visitors.


Continuing to transform the Greater Beloit area as an extraordinary place to live and as a preferred travel destination in the Midwest.


Visit Beloit, Inc. Bylaws – 501(C)(6)
Beloit Convention and Visitors Bureau Charitable Foundation, Inc. Bylaws – 501(C)(3)
2024 Visit Beloit Budget
2024 Beloit Convention and Visitors Bureau Charitable Foundation Budget
Visit Beloit ​Board Meeting Minutes (most recent approved meeting)
Beloit Convention and Visitors Bureau Charitable Foundation ​Board Meeting Minutes (most recent approved meeting)
Visit Beloit Audited Financial Statements: 2022, 20212020
Organization 990 Tax Returns: 2022 (VB, Inc.), 2022 (BCVBCF, Inc.), 2021 (VB, Inc.), 2021 (BCVBCF, Inc.), 2020 (Combined)
Transparency of Expenditures of Public Funds Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
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Visit Beloit, Inc. Board of Directors
Beloit Convention and Visitors Bureau Charitable Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors
Tax-Exempt Status – 501(C)(6)
Tax-Exempt Status – 501(C)(3)
Organization Demographics Summary – 2024


Visit Beloit 2023 Fourth Quarter Report
Visit Beloit 2023 Third Quarter Report
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Visit Beloit 2022 Fourth Quarter Report
Visit Beloit 2022 Third Quarter Report
Visit Beloit 2022 Second Quarter Report
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Visit Beloit 2021 Fourth Quarter Report
Visit Beloit 2020 Annual Report


  • The organization moved to 656 Pleasant St., Beloit on March 1, 2021. The next phase of the building project will be to finish the main level of the building into a new events venue. A future phase of the project will be an addition to the south of the building to create an office complex and meeting space.
  • Increasing media outreach to boost positive media coverage and attract travel journalists, bloggers, and influencers to share Beloit’s attractions and appeal as a vacation destination with their followers.
  • Coordinated the rebranding with three other organizations of the “Vision Beloit partners” to the “Greater Beloit Partnership” to promote Beloit as a destination and, ultimately, contribute to positive economic growth and development.
  • Attempting to secure several regional and national sports tournaments, which will be utilizing the YMCA Sports Complex among a number of other facilities.
  • Achieved the Destination Marketing Accreditation Program recognition which indicates we meet the highest standards of quality and service as a destination marketing and management organization.
  • Coordinating the promotion of the Beloit and Beyond Craft Beer, Café, Art, and Taco Trails which will encourage visitors to discover the destination in new ways.
  • Launching a new Tourism Development grant program focused on driving overnight visitation to Beloit. Visit Beloit has provided more than $350,000 to area tourism-related organizations and events.
  • Coordination of a local quality of life survey to expand our level of engagement and knowledge of how the tourism industry can provide a positive impact on our region.
  • Conducting our bi-annual visitor profile and brand perception research to determine how the consumer base is changing and how our efforts our making a positive impact.
  • Creation of a 501(c)(2), plus utilizing our restructured 501(c)(3) in order to meet the future growth of the organization.
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